Sustainability Statement

Current Standard Electric strives to ensure its practices are in-line with current sustainability concepts.  We believe that it is everyone’s responsibility to do what they can to help ensure that the environment and local economy is maintained for the future.  We work in a variety of ways to help the local area.  These include:

  • Purchasing our materials as locally as possible
  • Working as close to home as possible to minimise travel
  • Recycling as much of our waste products as we can, including cable, metal products, and cardboard
  • Advocating to our clients the use of low energy products including LED lighting.
  • Working to reduce light pollution in our natural High Peak area by reducing the intensity and the amount of time outdoor lighting operates.
  • Advocating for micro-generation of electricity whenever possible.

These practices are in-line with the advice given out to local businesses by the Visit the Peak District and Derbyshire organisation, the Better Tourism Campaign, the Peak district Environmental Quality Mark assessment, and the Green Start assessment.