Identifying Problems

How Safe is Your Home or Business?

Wiring installations degrade over time.  Electrical installations need to be checked for safety and functionality on a regular basis, and updated if necessary.  Homes should be checked every 10 years at a minimum, while rented homes should be inspected every 5 years or every time there is a change of tenancy.  Businesses should be inspected more often than this depending on the type of business and installation. Click here to read more about electrical hazards.

Inspections are useful for identifying problems before they become dangerous.  The kind of testing that is done can find problems that are not visible from a visual inspection alone.  Damaged cables, loose connections, dampness in the system can all be found relatively quickly using our testing equipment.  Finding and correcting these problems can save money down the road, and potentially can save lives as well.

Complete inspection and testing of an installation will give a home owner an idea of what issues are present in their home, if any.  An idea of the costs associated with fixing the problems will be provided in the form of a detailed Condition Report.  A Condition Report is an industry recognized document meant to provide a home or business owner with detailed information regarding the present state of their installation. A copy of the completed Condition Report is given to the client to keep, and a second copy is retained by us.  The client then has complete con

Read up on why you should have your home or business electrical systems inspected by going to the Electrical Safety Council Website.

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