Our Guarantee

At Current Standard Electric, we pride ourselves on the work we do and the relationship we maintain with our clients  We want to make sure everyone we work for is happy with the work when it is completed, and if they have any problems, we want to make it right.

When undertaking any construction related work on a home or office, there is a degree of trust that must exist between the client and the contractor.  We work hard to ensure that our presentation and attitude is professional and trustworthy at all times.  In this section, we outline a few of the responsibilities expected of both ourselves and the clients whilst work it carried out.

We guarantee the materials we install and our workmanship for 30 days from the date the work is completed.  Our materials and workmanship guarantee begins the day we satisfactorily complete the inspection and testing phase of the installation, following the second fix, and does not exist before that time. 

We are unable to guarantee the performance or longevity of any materials installed by us that are provided by the client. 

Any materials provided by us remain the property of CSE until payment is made in full.

Responsibilities of the client during electrical work:
  • Debris from construction work is normally left on site and is the responsibility of the client (including packaging from new materials) unless specifically mentioned in writing.
  • We are not responsible for food stored in freezers/refrigerators during electrical work that may defrost or spoil due to electrical outages.  It is the client’s responsibility to move any food out of storage during prolonged electrical work.
  • Dust is an inevitable part of nearly all construction work.  Clients are advised to cover sensitive belongings during work to prevent contamination with dust.  CSE will not be held responsible for damage to equipment due to dust.
  • Delicate objects around the house may need to be moved during electrical work in order to gain access to electrical points (sockets, lights, etc).  Clients are advised to put away and breakable objects/decorations prior to work commencing to avoid accidental breakages. Objects left out during work are not the responsibility of CSE, although we will try our best to work around personal belongings carefully.
  • Clients are advised that until the installation has been satisfactorily tested and inspected and a certificate issued, they should be wary of installing any materials in a position that inhibits access to the installation, as damages to any materials installed in front of or over electrical components as part of rectifying a fault are not the responsibility of CSE. This includes hardwood flooring and kitchen cabinets. 
  • Any costs associated with rectifying damage to the electrical installation by another builder or DIYer during the project will be the responsibility of the one who caused the damage, and not CSE.
  • If you have any questions about our services, please contact us.

Thank you.  Dan and Adrian

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